Frequently Asked Questions

A community intentionally created for CEOs, professional athletes, and performing artists who want to connect and collaborate together. Our members want to increase their brand awareness, business income, and success. They also want to solve business bottlenecks, build extraordinary relationships, and get a fresh perspective from others who have been there and done that.

The Super Grandmaster Network is the highest quality, most vetted collective of CEOs, professional athletes, and performing artists in the world. So, if you want to raise the bar in every area of your life, this is a group where you can find all of that.

You get exactly what you want or need for sustainable growth. That includes direct access to normally inaccessible CEOs, professional athletes, and performing artists with a minimum of $1M in annual revenue, $1M in financing, or 1M followers – including venture opportunities across multiple industries.

You’ll connect and collaborate with some of the most successful high achievers in the world. You’ll gain abundant partnership and business opportunities, but that’s just a bonus. You’ll be around creators and doers and this will influence you to produce your best work and business yet.

Super Grandmaster Network Members choose two meetings to attend. Paris and London. Members also receive access to The Private Super Grandmaster Virtual Network to stay connected, find referrals, and collaborate professionally.